The dynamics that have shaped the Balkans, located at the crossroads of Europe, have left deep impressions in the cultures that call this beautiful region home.
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Discover the historical wonders of Europe on a 8 day cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg. Enjoy ultimate luxury on an all-inclusive 5 star Scenic Space-Ship.
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7 Days, Delightful Danube Christmas (Westbound) Revel in the merriment of the season on a festive journey featuring a spectrum of quaint Danube River towns and overnights in magical destinations - Budapest and Vienna - all wrapped in the inclusive luxuries of the Crystal River Experience.
Starting at $4249.00+

7 Days, Christmas Time On The Rhine (Southbound) From Amsterdam's illuminated canals and Cologne's candlelit cathedral to Rüdesheim's Drosselgasse bustling with holiday cheer, revel in the magic of European winter wonderlands as they celebrate the joy and traditions of the Christmas season.
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7 Days, Delightful Danube Christmas (Eastbound) Discover the beauty of the Wachau Valley, the UNESCO-listed abbey of Melk, the baroque Old Town of Linz, and the storybook charms of other locales along the Danube. Marvel at the cultural treasures of Vienna and Budapest with overnights in each.
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Explore the jewels of Northern Europe aboard Silver Cloud – the world’s most beautiful ultra-luxury expedition ship. Starting with an in depth exploration of the Arctic – looking out for Polar Bears, Bowhead whales and a plethora of seabirds at every opportunity – enjoy the powerful, raw beauty of the Svalbard’s northern and southern regions.…
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The Iberian influence on this voyage is everywhere. Departing from Barcelona, discover the islands and mainland of this lesser known region as you sail to Dakar. Tick off iconic destinations such as Palma, Malaga and Lisbon, enjoying an overnight in Cadiz along the way. The head south to the sun-kissed Canaries. Two days at sea…
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Embark on a wonderful journey through the South Pacific Islands. Experience these volcanic lands, surrounded by crystal-clear seawaters, on the other side of the world. Beginning with Papua New Guinea, you’ll be amazed by the tribal traditions that remain alive and intact. Travel to Solomon Islands with their startling scenery. Discover and admire Fiji’s dreamy…
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Lost in the Atlantic Ocean, the lovely Azores Islands fly low under the radar of tourism. As authentic as they come, this little group of nine islands are laden with history dating back to the 15th century, not to mention verdant volcanic contrasts, vast panoramas and hot springs. Follow on with an overnight in Madeira…
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There is nothing quite like the Caribbean. A melting pot ambience of easy going cool, stunning natural vistas and vibrant cuisine, these islands are the envy of many. Spend 10 fantastic days enjoying the colour and charisma of the Caribbean before it’s time to leave terra firma for seven days of vitamin sea. Enjoy Silver…
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